Adam Helms

born July 18th, 1579, dead May 28th, 1653, vicar at St. Petri church in Lübeck, Germany. Son of merchant in Lübeck, Jürgen Helms, dead 1603, and Sophie Miller.

Married 1st time September 24th, 1610 to Sophie Glambeck, dead March 29th, 1626, daughter of Magister Martin Glambeck, vicar at St. Jacobi church in Lübeck; married 2nd time April 9th, 1627 to Christine Hagendorn, dead May 23rd, 1661, daughter of merchant in Lübeck Heinrich Hagendorn.

Adam Helms is considered the founder of the family, although we know both his parents and his brothers and sisters. We don't for sure know where the name comes from, but family tradition says that Jürgen adapted the name from his hometown, Helmsdorf.

The father Jürgen was merried I. with Anna Roytenbruwer, b. Veltorp, daughter of Hans Veltorp, widow after Hans Roytenbruwer, and had a son:

I. Arend Helms, we only know that he lived in 1626.

Jürgen married II. Sophie Müller as mentioned above and they had four children:

II. Eva Helms, m.Franz Peckel, levede i 1626.
III. Anna Helms, m.Jacob Emmen, also lived in 1626
IV. Adam Helms, the founder above
V. Sophie Helms, m. November 22nd, 1614 to. ... Elers, probably dead in 1665.