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Dansk udgave her


The goal of this website is to gather information and create a new, updated version of the Helms genealogy book. The last published book was the genealogy book by Hans Jørgen Helms, 4th Edition from 1929.

We are a group of people who are interested in crediting his work and to bring his work up to date. These pages will therefore be of great importance in gathering information from the Helms family members and to spread the knowledge of the Helms family.


About the Helms family

The founder of the Helms family is Adam Helms (1579-1603), vicar in Lübeck, now Germany.

The family have since the last century been split into five family lines, Assens-, Varde-, Esbønderup-, Horsens- and Gjedved-line, decendants of Rasmus Toxen Helms (1773-1840), Rudolph Helms (1774-1833), Søren Bagge Helms (1784-1857), Adam Helms (1786-1852) and Nicolai Gotfred Helms (1788-1867) respectively.

Adam Helms is considered the first ancestor, but some of the female lines can be traced back to the second part of the 14th century. We are interested, if possible, to include the female lines in the final material.


We need your help. If you have information, corrections or inquiries about decendants of Adam Helms, please contact Peter Helms by e-mail () or by phone +45 5943 3867 (Denmark).